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I teach for New York Writers Workshop, which offers classes in New York City and has a new online branch that is unique in that we meet via Skype. Classes are as close to live as virtual can get. Eight or so people, the rooms in which they write glowing on camera, voices loud and inspired. Sometimes you can almost smell the writerly sweat. NYWW also hosts the fabulous Perfect Pitch Conference. (If you have a submission-ready novel and want to to pursue traditional publishing, this is the resource I would recommend.)

My students range from the very young--a third grade recently class completed a project called Painting With Words, with lines like "Paint drips chasing each other down the walls," which demonstrates the innate poet in every child--to the elderly, who prove that it is never too late to begin writing. While other of the arts seem capped by age--it's harder to get into a split or tour with a rock band, and we all know how Hollywood behaves as life progresses--the book world abounds with examples of people who penned their first novel in their eighth decade. Writing, like fine wine, improves with time.

I also enjoy public speaking, whether that's delivering a keynote address on "Publishing is as Easy as 1, 2, 3" for the WomenWhoWrite conference, presenting the "Stick to a Dream" speech for Liberty State Fiction Writers, appearing at the Mississippi River Workshop at St. Cloud University in Minnesota, or moderating panels for the Writing Matters series. Or going to two hundred bookstores in two hundred days. Doesn't get more fun than that--seriously!


If you're an author or emerging writer and would like to plan an event at a bookstore, library, school, or other location, please get in touch. To use Dennis Lehane's metaphor, this business depends on writers "sending the elevator down." My own take on this is that we're at our best when we're talking about what we've learned and trying to share it with book lovers, readers, and writers who are on their way up.