Hi everyone,

Thank you for finding this page. Last year I wrote copy for this page before my debut novel had even come out. Now it's a year into release, the paperback came out, and I think I may be a Real Live Author at last. I even have a second novel due out in April. And yet, I still can't completely believe anyone will stumble across this page, or find my words to read.

It took me eleven years to sell my "first" novel, and another twenty months after that for it to come out. Almost thirteen years. That's enough time for a baby to grow to the cusp of adulthood according to some religions. To be old enough to go on a spirit quest.

Getting published was a quest of sorts for me. It's what I've wanted to do--to be--since I was five years old. Younger, if you listen to my mom describe the bedtime stories I dictated to her when I was only two.

During the time that I was trying to sell a book, the world changed out from under me, the publishing world at least. It became possible to publish in a much faster time frame. But I had learned enough about the different paths by then to feel that the one I was walking/trudging/crawling along was the right one for me. So I kept trying, and trying, and trying, even through some truly low moments. I'd be happy to share with you what finally worked, how it happened for me at last.

It took long enough for me to finally achieve this dream that when it happened, I had to do the next logical thing. My family and I took to the road for seven months. We went to bookstores, libraries, and book clubs near you. I finally got to meet some of the people who supported me and cheered me on during those eleven years when I didn't believe any of this was ever going to happen.  And soon we're going to do it again.

Even if I can't quite believe it, I'm so very glad you're here to be a part.

With affection and regard,