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Well, It’s My Pub Day Too, Yeah!

Jenny With Flowers

As some of you know, publication of The Second Mother was pushed back from July, a little like how our school district just pushed back the return-to-in-person learning.

Actually, that’s not really anything like the same.

But my point is, times are crazy right now on many fronts, and it’s hard to count on even something as basic as our calendars.

Jenny With FlowersMy new novel is finally here though, and I have news, chances to win, and ways we can connect, to share with all of you.

Please come celebrate my book birthday! If you would like to read The Second Mother, just visit the get-the-book page.

Please Join Me Virtually Tonight!

Launch Bookstores

The Mother of All Launches takes place on Tuesday, August 18th, at Page 158 books in Wake Forest, NC! There will be secrets revealed, Q&A and a really cool contest to enter! Bonus: I'm with fellow suspense author Pamela Crane!

If you can’t make tonight, we’ll have another book party at Quail Ridge on Wednesday, August 19th, with all the same fun. And for more events in the coming weeks, see my tour page!

I'm in Print in MysteryScene

John Valeri

John Valeri, pictured holding the article, did one of the most in depth interviews I've ever had.

Read it in the Fall 2020 issue, along with a fascinating piece on thriller author Jon Land, whom I'll be featuring for a very mysterious reason in my newsletter next time. Dun dun dun!

If You’re Wondering How I’m Feeling


I could say, excited for what may happen. Happy that people can read my book. Proud to have reached the milestone of having a fifth book out. All those things would be true.

Also true, and even more pressing, like water filling up your throat, is that I feel terrified.

I wrote about this on Medium and shared tips for dealing with high stress events in your life. Read my strategies.

So much is out of control when a new book comes out. How will the book do? How much does how it does matter to our overall career trajectories? The wisest advice I’ve gotten on this subject comes from fellow authors, and to give credit where it’s due, my husband, who despite being outside the biz says the same thing.

Also, Elsa of Frozen.

Let it go.

The way The Second Mother performs in the marketplace is not up to me. There are forces at work greater than myself, and things more important than any one book. What matters now is connecting with all of you—and what you think if you read!

Got Facebook?


Join me today in the book group Novels and Latte! Ask a Q and I'll A, and enter you in a giveaway besides!

On August 20th, I'll be at the bee-loved The Novel Bee, and the next day, August 21st, it's the majestic Tall Poppy Writers.

If you're on FB (and who isn't?), please join one of these groups and come see me!

You Might Name a Character in my Next Novel

Name a Character

Each person who joins me at a virtual bookstore, library, book club event, or listens in on a radio show or podcast, even pops in when I’m guest hosting on Facebook, will be entered to win a chance to name a character in my next novel. Just let me know you attended by tagging me in your social media post about the event!

I decided to do this after a dear reader got to choose Callum’s last name in The Second Mother. Callum is the warm, fierce, tormented Irish immigrant my heroine starts to fall for. (Do they get together? You have to read to find out!)

And when you meet Callum, know that a very good man named Harry McCarthy is smiling down.

If there’s somebody you’d like to commemorate in print—or maybe wreak a little fun revenge on someone?—join me at an event and enter to win!

Congrats to the Winners!


Thank you for all the entries to recent contests to win copies of Nina Sadowsky's Convince Me and Carol Van Den Hende's Goodbye Orchid.

Congrats go to Helene, Jan, Lisa for her beautiful met-a-friend moment, and ten more who won e-ARCs!

Jackie's Street Team of Book Blogger Reviewers

Street Team

Book bloggers and reviewers are today’s virtual Word of Mouth.

I owe a huge debt to the street team kicked off by Jackie Shepherd of Jackie's Book Review Page.

In weeks to come, I'll share the team's book blogs and FB groups so you can follow them to learn about new releases, hear thoughts on books, find giveaways to enter, and become a deeper part of this precious, interconnected book-talking world.

The rest of the world might be crazy now in many ways, but books are one of the constants. We need them—and they need us. An unread book, to paraphrase the King, is a circle unclosed. A tree whose falling wasn’t heard. A story yet to be lived.

Thank you, all of you, for anything you do to share mine on release day, and beyond.

I feel a little less terrified now.

Love from the Hills of Wedeskyull,


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