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Some lovely authors had kind words to say about Wicked River in its early days. I am so grateful for their support!



Wicked River is an intriguing mix of hopes and fears, a tale fraught with danger, but loaded with place and character. It’s spicy, smart, and entertaining.

Steve Berry

Chock full of suspense and danger, Wicked River by Jenny Milchman takes you on the journey of a lifetime, canoeing fast-moving rivers and hiking through tangled forests where humans have seldom trod. This is the story of Natalie and Doug’s honeymoon; they wanted natural beauty and adventure. They get both, in abundance. You’ll be glad you joined them. Wicked River is wicked thrilling!

Gayle Lynds

A contemporary DELIVERANCE, and a terrifying thrill ride into the darkest side of human nature. With a break-neck pace and shocking twists and turns around every bend, Wicked River will keep you up late at night—and haunt your dreams long after you’re finished.

Chevy Stevens

Domestic thriller meets the unforgiving backcountry of the Adirondacks. Like the slow burn of a campfire on a chilly night, WICKED RIVER crackles with suspense.

J.D. Barker

Milchman is the Swiss Army knife of thriller writers. Wicked River is partly a who-is-my-husband-really story, partly a horror-in-the-wilderness story, and partly a Manhattan-family-drama story, all rolled up in elegantly propulsive prose, and shot through with sinister suspense. The real mystery about Milchman is why she isn’t already huge.

Lee Child

From time to time, I come across an action manuscript that shares my high regard for the [action] genre and the intensity it can achieve. One such book is Jenny Milchman’s Wicked River, which I urge you to experience. It thoroughly gripped me, not only because of the excitement it creates and the inventiveness with which it does so, but also because of the subtext about a honeymoon in which the various stages of a marriage are condensed in a wilderness that’s both physical and psychological. Wicked River is a wild ride.

David Morrell

Deliverance, meet Into the Wild. Jenny Milchman knows how to construct a tautly wound, raw-boned thriller that will keep you up like the howl of wolves outside your tent.

Andrew Gross

Suspense oozes like blood from a wound on every page of Jenny Milchman’s Wicked River. As scary and tense a book as I’ve read this year.

John Lescroart

On a honeymoon gone terribly awry, two newlyweds battle for their lives in a powerful story of survival told by one of the richest and most riveting voices in today’s thriller fiction. Wicked River twists and tumbles and roars, carrying readers along for one hell of a thrill ride. Mark my words, this novel will jump off the shelves.

William Kent Krueger

Jenny Milchman’s characters jump off the page...Wicked River is compulsive reading - I kept holding my breath and turning the pages faster and faster. It’s a book that should cement Jenny’s place as a must read thriller writer for fans hungry for domestic suspense in the style of Gillian Flynn.

MJ Rose

A story about passion and betrayal on the high stakes stage, Wicked River is intensely gripping and perfectly paced—a real standout that pushes the domestic thriller category to its very edge. With her usual mastery of setting and character, Jenny Milchman has outdone herself.

Carla Buckley