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The community of authors is a wondrous one in many ways. They write stories to get lost in--what could be more magical than that? Also wondrous is how they welcome a newbie in with open arms. I would not be having a book published at all without intervention from a great author at one pivotal juncture. Others read my work and said things about it that bolstered me, while still others offered support, encouragement, and reflections on their own tough roads, all enabling me to stay in the game. Thank you to all the great writers for the inspiration, hope, and help.

COVER OF SNOW is a luge ride of action and atmosphere, a terrifically suspenseful read. A suicide in a creepy town, clogged with snow and secrets, starts a young widow on a perilous hunt. Soon we're careening along with her as she chases clues and as the full horror of what really happened to her husband is revealed. Reading COVER OF SNOW feels like racing across a frozen lake. Heart-pounding, exhilarating, frightening.

Louise Penny

Cover of Snow is a darkly atmospheric first novel that challenges all sorts of romantic notions we might harbor about small towns and the people we think we can trust. Luckily, heroine Nora Hamilton—and writer Jenny Milchman—have the skill and fortitude to lead readers through a suspenseful story of switchbacks and surprises. A mystery that will draw in fans of darker fare as well, reminiscent of Margaret Maron's work, which is about the highest praise I can bestow.

Laura Lippman

Everything a great suspense novel should be—tense, emotional, mysterious and satisfying. Let's hope this is the start of a long career.

Lee Child

In her debut outing, Jenny Milchman has succeeded in a way many veteran writers can only envy. Cover of Snow is a tightly plotted, wonderfully unpredictable, and immensely satisfying novel. All the elements—character, setting, pace, language—are pitch perfect. Believe me, it doesn’t get any better than this.

William Kent Krueger

Jenny Milchman's expertly crafted, dark and smoothly suspenseful pageturner slowly reveals the layers of terrifying secrets hidden in a small Adirondack town under Cover of Snow. I only wish I had written this novel! Watch for this stellar debut on the Best First Novel lists.

Julia Spencer-Fleming

Milchman's intricately plotted and aptly titled Cover of Snow is layered with suspense, sorrow, and a strong sense of place and character.

Linwood Barclay

A terrific debut.

Harlan Coben

Absorbing from start to finish: Jenny Milchman writes a deeply felt and suspenseful story of a woman whose life is upended by a death and a dark secret. While perceptively reflecting on community and our connections to one another, Cover of Snow is also an insightful look at the intimacies and secrets of marriage.

Nancy Pickard

Cover of Snow is what every reader wants—a terrific story, beautifully told. Heartbreaking, sinister, compelling and completely original. I love this book.

Hank Phillippi Ryan