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As a writer I can't help but think of words and their different shades of meaning, and coach is an interesting one indeed. The dictionary defines a coach as someone who prompts or urges. In my own life, I've encountered two types of coaches, both in the arena of child raising. My husband was called a coach by our midwife when our babies were born, and we've since met many dedicated men and women involved in youth sports. From all of these people I've seen gifts such as hand-holding, encouragement, cheers and tough love.

All of which also apply to the needs of a writer! In my approach, I work with you on three levels.


Emotional. This business can be an exhilarating one with mountain peak highs, but a discouraging and trying one as well. You need somebody who understands from the inside what it feels like to get that fifth rejection--or the five hundredth! Ouch. (But I've been there). Someone who will tell you to keep going--while at the same time knowing exactly what that takes. Somebody who, when everyone else in your life is wondering why you don't just give up already, understands why you don't, why you shouldn't, and what can happen if you don't. And of course, someone to share the highs when you reach them, and really know what they mean.

Industry. What should you do once you have a finished book or short story? Wait, what does finished even mean according to those in the know? Do you want to be traditionally published or go it alone? ("Indie" or self-publishing). What do the words in that rejection mean, and which next steps should you take? And a thousand other Q's that need A's. Publishing is one of the most high-powered and confounding businesses there is, and like a hiker in the wilderness, you need a guide to help you navigate turns in the trail, identify glorious vistas and spot fun swimming holes, while being alert to pitfalls and traps. As a writer who struggled for eleven years to sell my "first" novel--only to go on to win multiple awards, hit bestseller lists, and be identified as "one of the most riveting voices in thriller fiction today," I can help you understand this industry--and how to succeed in it.

Craft. What do you do when you hit a plot roadblock? How do you craft nuanced characters? When is a book or memoir or short story really done? Why is your prose feeling muddy? And what if you can't get started writing at all? Issues such as these--and many others--come up for all writers at one time or another, and one of the most important things to know is that you don't have to figure out the answers alone. Having someone to talk over the inevitable problems and stumbling blocks can be the fastest way past them...and onto your unique, shining, completed work!

Jenny with reader

As a coaching client, you'll have access to me via email, phone, and video chat. Some writers utilize all three, some prefer one medium over the others. I work flexibly to suit your needs and schedule, and our process of working together will likely change and evolve over time. Right up until the day your book comes out and we meet in person at a paired author event! (Yes, this has happened, and in fact, more than once).

Coaching sessions are priced at $150.00/hour and can be scheduled using Calendly.

For further information, or to determine if it's the right time for you to work with a coach, drop me a line at

I look forward to connecting with you on your writing road!