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When my debut novel came out after a thirteen year journey/trek/arduous slog to get published, my husband and I did the next logical thing. Rented out our house, traded in two cars for an SUV that could handle Denver in February, and pulled our kids out of first and third grades to "car-school" them on what Shelf Awareness would go on to call "the world's longest book tour". Over the next three years and three books, we lived for a total of fifteen months, 150,000 miles, and almost five hundred events on the road.

I've spoken to groups of over 300--and to audiences of one. On college radio and network affiliate TV. In elementary and high schools, at libraries, book clubs, and of course, bookstores, hundreds of bookstores, which I hold so dear.

I love speaking to readers, writers, and anyone who could use a little inspiration in their lives. I know what it takes to have a dream--and to keep going when that dream is frustrated, again and again and again. I know how to choose to live outside-the-box for a while, and still have no idea whether that was the right decision, even years and years later. To believe something so deeply in my gut that it stands up against rational reason and contradiction.

Perhaps you have an idea or a wish or a hope along those lines too.

Audiences describe my talks as "one part inspiration, one part education, and one part stand-up comedy." Take a look at this reel and see!

Sample talks and workshops include:

  • Happily Ever After & What Happened After That
  • On the Road to a Dream
  • Women Who Roar: How to Step Outside the Box of Our Lives
  • Bad Guys from the Inside Out: Psychological Approaches to Creating Antagonists
  • The 4 S's of Suspense
  • Getting Published is as Easy as 1, 2, 3: Ways to Get Published Today

If you have a group or organization that would like to book an appearance by me, you can contact me at or my publicity team at:

Angelle Barbazon
Books Forward—a JKSCommunications Company
(615) 576-0497