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Jenny Milchman

Helping you find the road to your dreams



Jenny Milchman is the author of five critically acclaimed novels of psychological suspense, including COVER OF SNOW, which won the Mary Higgins Clark Award and AS NIGHT FALLS, the recipient of the Silver Falchion award for best novel and is in development as a film. Her latest novel, The Second Mother, was published in August 2020.

After an eleven year ordeal journey to selling her first book, only to find that right after the finish came another starting line, Jenny has gained a deep understanding of the power of motivation to keep going in the face of rejection.

Following the publication of her debut novel, Jenny packed up her entire family, "car-schooling" the kids and criss-crossing the country on what Shelf Awareness would call the world's longest book tour. She learned a great deal about what happens along the road to a dream.

While keeping an active writing and touring schedule, Jenny finds it inspiring to share what she has learned to empower and motivate others to pursue their dreams proudly, and not be discouraged by failures--which are really just successes yet to be had.


Jenny brings an effervescence to every presentation. She leaves her audience inspired.

I heartily recommend Jenny Milchman as an educator and orator.

—Kim Howe, Executive Director, Thrillerfest

Weeks after the conference concluded, attendees of Jenny's talks continue to express gratitude for their opportunity to learn from her. Jenny Milchman is among the few who can teach others how to follow in their footsteps.

—George Weinstein, Director, Atlanta Writers Conference

You can hear a pin drop, except when an audience starts laughing. No one ever wants to miss a word of Jenny Milchman's warm, informative and perfectly paced presentations.

I've heard her speak many times all over the United States. She has a gift of relating to every person sitting the audience. She's authentic while clearly being the expert at any conference I have attended.

—Julie Schoerke, Founder, JKS Communications

Speaking Topics

Sample talks and workshops on motivating and inspiring people to identify, pursue, and achieve their dreams:

  • The Joy of Rejection
  • Happily Ever After & What Happened After That
  • On the Road to a Dream
  • Women Who Roar: How to Step Outside the Box of Our Lives

And ones more oriented specifically to helping people write and get published:

  • Bad Guys from the Inside Out: Psychological Approaches to Creating Antagonists
  • The 4 S's of Suspense
  • Getting Published is as Easy as 1, 2, 3: Ways to Get Published Today

Speaker Reel

Check out this short (3 minute) video highlighting various appearances that Jenny has made:


Jenny is the author of five (and counting!) published novels of psychological suspense:


Meet the Author

If you have a group or organization that would like to book Jenny for an appearance, contact her at or her publicist:

Angelle Barbazon
Books Forward—a JKSCommunications Company
(615) 576-0497

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